A downloadable game for Windows

Demo updated to version 2.0.  Balanced difficulty, fixed bugs, added checkpoints / restarting from the pause menu, and more!

Are you prepared to travel back into your memories and tell me about your life, in retrospect?

• Craft your own story and gameplay based on which collectibles you focus on! Health, wealth, love, education, creativity, or spirituality? What direction will your life take?
• Music and gameplay synchronicity! Every stage has its own song that often syncs with the gameplay!
• Do more than just run! Swim, walk, fall, and ride on and in things!
• Custom button system grants special moves and power-ups, and every stage introduces a new button to explore!
• Over 100 different platforms, enemies and hazards! There is always something new to see!
• Leaderboards! Compete in over 30 challenge stages for the top spots!
• And much, much more!

In Retrospect is being developed in Chicago by Paper Salamander Games.

Install instructions

There is no install.  Just unzip the zip file and make sure that you keep everything together in the same directory.  Double click the .exe to run the game.


PC - In Retrospect - Demo V2 64 MB


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Really nice variety of environments & obstacles. And later levels are quite the challenge, especially that evil sun. I need some sunscreen... & the full game so I see the story. :)